Amazee's 2010

As our 3rd year is slowly closing, it is time for another recap. Sit tight!

Strategy: On September 21 we successfully extended our business model from being a pure platform provider ( to offering web development with a focus on community solutions (

The launch of our new business was accompanied by an overwhelming load of praise and yes, some criticism: Praise we earned for our fresh new website designed by Mike Kus and the fact that we're finally doing some solid B2B biz. The few critics we received were for putting into competition with our agency work. Indeed, 2010 has marked the end of Amazee as a pure lifestyle-startup: We are cashflow positive and working more focused than ever.

Clients: Amazee had the pleasure to work with ambitious and inspiring clients such as SGG, Pascale Bruderer Wyss, KPMG, Osec, SwissRe, Aduno Group or UBS. They (you) have been a great motivation for our performance! Despite our strategic shift is and will be an ongoing source of inspiration and work: In total, we saw seven releases and about 1000 bug fixes. Thousands of people have attended events, raised money and interacted using our baby. The next major release for is scheduled for summer 2011. It's going to be a nice one, running on Drupal 7 of course!

Team: After our Lucas Bally (Amazee's first employee!) left after two and a half years of hard work, our young gun Michael Schmid was promoted to Head Technology. Marks Seall came in to support us with consulting mandates in the financial industry and interaction and Web designer Samuel Raymann joined Amazee with the speed of a SWAT-team and since then has not seen a free minute. Our Spanish trainee Juanlu used his time at Amazee to extend his Drupal and CSS experience and our second lady at Amazee, Livia, developed the prototype of a community cockpit for the Admin backend of our client solutions. Otherwise, the team consists of the old happy bunnies you know.

SCRUM: For as long as Amazee has existed, we have worked with "classic" waterfall project management. This year we introduced SCRUM as our new development methodology. It has been the right thing to do - good code per time unit has increased and our clients and we love that. 

Web Industry Zurich: From all the events that Amazee team helped to organize - Web Monday, Marketing Chuchi, Business Chuchi, UX Chuchi, UX Book Club, Politforelle, StartupCamp - Web Monday has probably seen the most dynamic increase of participants. And there were tons of other good events we could join as visitors or speakers: CEO day, Social Media Gipfel, Creative mornings, re:publica 2010, PolitCamp2010, DC Conference, Web Tuesday, Swissnex day, epart 2010, Drupalcon Kopenhagen, Swiss Innovation and Trend Day Fribourg. We gave lessons in entrepreneurship at Uni St. Gallen, FH Fribourg, ZHAW, Uni Basel, and other brainy places. No doubt, there's a good load of entrepreneurial spirit and drive in Switzerland's Web industry!

Here's the bottom line: Amazee is healthy, happy, successful and full of energy. We want to thank our great community, clients, and friends for all the inspiration, trust and support. Bring it on, 2011, we're going full throttle!

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