Amazee Labs Q&A Web Maintenance Video Series

What does having a “maintenance mindset” mean from a user experience and design perspective?

While maintenance often makes us think of security and updates, user behaviours and expectations change over time too. Designs can deteriorate, or fall behind the message and goals of a business. Thinking holistically in your maintenance strategy ensures that your site stays fresh for a longer time.

What does having a “maintenance mindset” mean from a technology and software perspective?

Maintenance is about committing to a specific ideology to ensure you get the most return for your business - it should evolve as your site does. If you don’t keep up with changes in the technology and software front, you won’t be able to react quickly or effectively should something critical happen.

Where can you start if you want to get more out of your existing website while updating your design or UX?

Depending on your starting point, a website audit can help evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement. Getting the help of experts who stay informed on the latest in technology and design can help focus your efforts to make impactful changes instead of reinventing the wheel.

Tales of “maintenance from the trenches” — and what you can learn from them 

The nature of work on a dedicated maintenance team is very different from the development process. Taking over a site built by someone else requires a fair amount of information transfer. Where possible, using best practices in documentation and building in the first place can set you up for success in a long-term maintenance strategy. Clients might get the feeling that development has slowed down, in terms of new features, but also sped up because when something needs to be fixed it’s all hands on deck.

Examples of website design refreshes with exciting results

Get a behind-the-scenes analysis of what projects our panellists are excited about, and how they developed a refresh strategy that produced impressive results. Creative solutions to content libraries, UX improvement, and an elevated design can make a big difference. Here’s a hint: think beyond the homepage.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of automated maintenance

Automated systems can be invaluable when used strategically, especially when it comes to increasing communication between a client and a maintenance team. Keeping everyone informed of any actions or updates on both sides means preventing problems down the line.

Remote consulting on UX and design during the COVID-19 pandemic

Client and team relationships are crucial and might need more nurturing when everyone’s working remotely. Getting the human touch of collaboration might take more time than if you’re able to kick off projects in person. Partnering with an agency experienced with remote work can help.

The launch of Drupal 9 and what it means for improving your existing Drupal sites 

It’s never too late (or too early) to plan for the future. Even if you haven’t started migrating yet, taking a clear inventory of where you are and where you need to go is the first and most important step in ensuring that all your projects will stay fresh and accessible. From a UX and design perspective, success might look like nothing changed at all to your users. Stay updated, even if you’re not ready to transition to Drupal 9 just yet. Any incremental changes to any version of Drupal are important (and often security crucial).


Maintaining your website means so much more than keeping core systems and modules secure and updated. It also includes new features, web development, and design updates to keep your site connected to your users. Let us help you get more out of what you have. Talk to us today!

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