Amazee Labs goes to Nashville!

My suitcase is out, flung wide open with the first pieces thrown casually in, like my high school bedroom all over again. It’s time. Time to dust off my step tracker, re-lace those running shoes, and to lay out that expansive Drupal t-shirt collection and make the tough decision of which ones stay behind. Though, now that I think about it, why do I bother? There’s enough free Drupal swag in the exhibit hall that I could go all week without packing any shirts if I wanted. Socks, too.  

I’ve color-coded and mapped my trip like only an (over)planner like me would. When there’s only so many days, and so many things to do, you have to plan to maximize your experience. Otherwise, all you’ll remember is the inside of the convention center. Who wants that?

So, as a planner, self-deputized tour guide, and someone who’s done DrupalCon many times, here’s where I’ll be this week:


On Monday, you can find me setting up the Amazee Labs lounge and playing with power tools. We’re going for an outdoorsy theme this year, to celebrate the gorgeous sunny days we’ve been having back home in Texas.

You can come hang out at our lounge during the Opening Reception and join us afterwards at the Amazee Labs & Monday Party. Each DrupalCon we pick an activity in our host city that is both something you can only ever experience that particular city and also something you’re likely to miss out on while attending a conference.

Our After Dark event at the Country Music Hall of Fame is exactly that - exclusive after-hours access to the museum that you’d otherwise miss due to their operating hours. Best of all, we have the museum to ourselves. All those folks you’ll see wandering around will be Drupalers, so go say hi and introduce yourself!

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us after the museum tour (around 8:30 PM) at Martin’s BBQ for drinks. Make sure to collect your drink ticket from me when you check in at the museum. I hear they’ve got some pretty stellar BBQ, but as a resident Texan, I can’t comment publicly.


There are sessions and stuff, but most importantly, there will be Karaoke and that it will be epic. Follow @drupalkaraoke for time and location.


They should rename Wednesday to AmazeeCon, because it’s back-to-back Amazee sessions. Figure out how to clone yourself so you can attend them all. Or wait for the recording. I don’t know your life.

Lab: From Kickoff to Liftoff: Don't Forget Context! [Lab]
Speaker: Steve Holyer*
Time: 10:45AM
Room: 103B
*While Steve isn’t technically an Amazee, he is the guy who took us Agile. So, we’re counting him. Also, go to this. He’s a funny guy.

An Introduction to React Design Patterns
Speaker: Brandon Williams
Time: 2:15 PM
Room: 202 | Acquia

Pull vs Push - using GraphQL in Twig
Speaker: Saša Nikolič
Time: 2:50 PM
Room: 202 | Acquia

Creating a PM Career Path Within the Drupal Community.
Speakers: Stephanie El-Hajj, Joe Crespo, Darren Petersen, Lynn Winter
Time: 3:45 PM
Room: 205C

The Camp Organizer Survival Guide Speaker: Josef Dabernig
Time: 3:45 PM Room: 101E

If you can only make one session on Wednesday, make it my PM panel at 3:45 PM in room 205C. I’ll be joining forces with Joe Crespo from Aten, Darren Petersen from Lullabot, and our fearless organizer Lynn Winter from Manage+Digital. There will be baby pictures and embarrassing stories. Possibly yelling.


Attend the 3:45 PM Closing Session. There are reasons.

Afterwards, join Team Amazee for the Pie Town Brewery Tour. Pie Town. That just sounds fun.


Friday is sprints. You should really sprint.

Unless you’re not going to, and if that’s the case, do you like hot chicken? Not sure? I’m not sure, either. I like fried chicken, and that’s the same family, right? I am sure people who know better are laughing into their coffee. Either way, we’re doing a crawl to four different Hot Chicken spots in Nashville. Yes, Prince’s is one of them. Fortunately, we have the weekend to recover from whatever this does to our bodies.

Also, somewhere in there, I need to get my hands on a true Nashville Bushwacker.

How do I do it?

I’ll do my best to ward off damaging myself too badly by drinking lots of water and dragging myself out of bed each morning to visit a historical or interesting Nashville landmark. Here’s where my morning runs should take me: Bicentennial Park, Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville City Cemetery, and John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.

So, that’s my week. I expect it’ll go by crazy fast and I’ll be glad I took the time to document my plans beforehand so I can remember it all.

This is how I DrupalCon. How do you?

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