Josef Amazee Labs

Josef Dabernig

Agile Consultant

Josef started using Drupal 5 as a site builder in 2007. When doing his social service abroad in Nicaragua, he first got involved with the international community and since then is a continuous contributor to the project. 

He’s a web thinker who cares about making a difference. Innovative technologies, open standards & creative processes guide his way.

After a stint at Drupal agencies in Vienna he was brave enough to embark to Switzerland and now works for Amazee Labs.

Fun Fact

Josef really got into Drupal in Central America & travelled all over Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico to do free Drupal workshops.


Drupal community: #d8rules initiative
Drupal community: DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 co-organization
Drupal community: Drupal Tour Central America / Gira Drupal Centroamérica 2011 & 2009