Josef Amazee Labs

Josef Dabernig

Head Technology

Josef started using Drupal 5 as a site builder in 2007. When doing his social service abroad in Nicaragua, he first got involved with the international community and since then is a continuous contributor to the project. 

He’s a web thinker who cares about making a difference. Innovative technologies, open standards & creative processes guide his way.

After a stint at Drupal agencies in Vienna he was brave enough to embark to Switzerland and now works for Amazee Labs as head technology.

Fun Fact

Josef really got into Drupal in Central America & travelled all over Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico to do free Drupal workshops.


Drupal community: #d8rules initiative
Drupal community: DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 co-organization
Drupal community: Drupal Tour Central America / Gira Drupal Centroamérica 2011 & 2009