Jamie Hollern

Jamie Hollern


Our newest team member, Jamie Hollern, is a PHP and Drupal specialist with more than ten years' experience professionally writing web applications and software, including enterprise level projects. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city, he now resides in a small town in the countryside of the south of Scotland, near the border with England.

He is looking forward to getting his hands dirty with React, GraphQL and headless Drupal at Amazee, while also increasing his knowledge in areas he’s already familiar with, such as automation, testing, software engineering processes, and containerisation. Working with a multicultural team spread across the globe is something he’s very excited about, and although he doesn’t speak any German, he’s quite keen to try and learn a few words of the Swiss variety.

Jamie is a fanatical supporter of the Scottish football team Celtic FC. He also enjoys lifting weights, playing with his three boys and he’s also the manager of a competitive Fifa team for the PlayStation 4. When he has the time, he plays the guitar, bass guitar,  and the Scottish highland bagpipes.

Fun fact:

Jamie once ate 10 super spicy chicken wings in 10 minutes to win a t-shirt. He never received the t-shirt because the restaurant management had never expected anyone to win the challenge.