DrupalCon Barcelona 2015 - Day 3

It’s Wednesday which is awesome because I had my talk delivered (please find all the resources here) yesterday and I dont need to get up as early as on the first day of the conference.

The day started off with a short stroll to the conference center and picking up some Amazees along the way.

Then the the day starts with a Keynote, this time with Natalie Nahai. She spoke about the 3 xxx brain.

After the Keynote I dropped by our amazing booth and got myself some coffee (yes we have a coffee machine at our booth! #CoffeOps). Since I was chairing the DevOps track I usually try to attend most of the Sessions to see if the guidelines, which the team created are being met in real-life (yes they do).

Claudine Brändle and Anna Hanchar - Site building great editorial experience

Claudine and Anna talked about how we build Drupal-Sites to create a much better editorial experience with a few simple tricks and guidelines.

It wasn’t just Claudine's first presentation at a DrupalCon, but it was also her birthday and the Amazees organized a very special surprise for her with some help of Jeffrey "Jam" McGuire.

Zequi Vázquez - Drupal Extreme Scaling

A multisite with 30’000 sites, availability close to 99.999%, high performance and lowest possible cost and those requirements need to be met by a team of only 3 people. Sounds at first like a really bad nightmare of everyone working in operations.

Zequi and his team went great lengths in turning this nightmare into a DevOps success story by leveraging AWS, Mesos, Marathon and other tools found in highly sophisticated setups.

Zequis slides can be found on Slideshare and on Youtube.

In the meantime our fellow friend Adam Juran was having some drush problems, which we fixed together over coffee.

Jon Pugh - Hassle-free Hosting and and Testing with DevShop & Behat

Jon showed how easy it is to setup hosting environments with DevShop, wich bases on Aegir. I didn’t know much about it and was amazed how complete and easy the whole system is set up.

Mark Sonnabaum - Introduction to R and Exploratory Graphics

If you are working with numbers, plots and statistics chances are high that you heard about the R language already. Mark works as a performance engineer and has deep knowledge of systems (you can discuss with him about optimizing CPU caches which only few people can talk about). He was explaining the basics of R language and I saw that I probably need to look into this language again because it evolved a lot since I used it last around 2 years ago. It’s definitively worth the time to look into it.

DevOps Meetup

DevOps is about breaking down silos and removing borders, this makes it clear to me that we can’t have a conference with specialists in a foreign country without trying to get in touch with the local community. Since quite a few conferences we try to get in touch with the local community. After the last session a group of around 20 Drupalistas headed out to the offices of InfoJob for meeting the local DevOps community of Barcelona. We had one short session hold by Kristof van Tomme where he talked about his approach of applying Lean- and DevOps Principles to a whole organisation. We then switched over to an open discussion and ended up with a lot of deep reaching topics like Database Optimisation or the CAP theorem. After the discussions we headed out for dinner together and network.

I’d like to thank all the attendees of the meet up and our local contact Ignasi Fosch for making this happen. Seeing that there are likeminded people in pretty much every city you visit is very empowering.

DevOps Meetup


September 24, 2015

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