Drupal Iron Camp

The first ever Iron Camp took place in Prague over the weekend, November 24th - 27th, and it was amazing!

Set in Prague, Czech Republic, a beautiful city with cobblestone streets surrounded by medieval style buildings along with a very welcoming and friendly culture. Let's not forget, they also have beer too!

Drupal Iron Camp

With over 2 years of planning to get Iron Camp set up, there were some high expectations to fulfill and the organisation team out-done themselves with a wonderful camp. Seriously, with 220 attendees from 27 different countries, 33 sessions, 36 speakers, 4 keynotes, around 50 people in the sprint rooms working on several issues and even a few people releasing beta versions of their modules. It was a huge success!

A job well done by all involved in bringing together such a diverse community. A special thanks to the speakers, volunteers, and sponsors who helped iron this camp into Drupal history.

It started off with sprints and the CxO day on Thursday 24th. The CxO day appeared to be a very interactive and hands-on session for just over 20 people. In the sprint room, we had 40 people working together and quite a few first time sprinters. I mentored a few people and really enjoyed interacting and helping them solve issues together. We had some people looking into fixing issues for core, REST API, Media, and leaflet.js. Then to end the day, we went to a local community center for drinks.

Iron Camp Schnitzel

The opening keynote on Friday morning was performed by Michael "schnitzel" Schmid. He talked about the future of drupal and how we're heading towards a more personalised website experience. With more reliance on a Javascript Frontend interconnected with microservices, and all hosted on containers.

But don't worry, we will learn and play together; which brings me to Emma Karayiannis' keynote about embracing the community. She talked about how you can help contribute to the Drupal community and why you should do it. Celebrate every win: did you just setup and install Drupal? Celebrate it. Did you review and test a patch? Celebrate it. Did you just attend an amazing Drupal event? Celebrate it!

So after a full day of really inspiring talks from the community, we needed to celebrate together, because that's what the community is all about. We reconnected at the Vinohradsky Pivovar, a small local brewery built and operated by a group of friends.

Iron Camp Cinema Zapping

We were entertained by the team of Acolono with their Cinema Zapping film. It was absolutely hilarious and a great way to get everyone in the mood to party till late.

Iron Camp Zapping

We kick-started Saturday with a keynote by Larry Garfield on "Software Management Lessons from the 1960s." He spoke about a modern overview of the ideas presented in the book "The Mythical Man-month" written in 1975 and how it is still relevant today. For example, how you should split off the architecture and implementation into different people.

Speaking of people and teams, we were then treated to a job speed dating session over lunch. Amazee Labs is currently hiring so Josef and Michael were busy connecting and interviewing people as fast as possible.

After lunch, Janez Urevc gave his keynote on "Ask not what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community." He spoke about what we can improve on contributing back to Drupal as well as the pros and cons of FOSS (Free Open Source Software).

It was a thoroughly inspirational camp with great talks, sessions, and a lot of interaction between attendees. I truly felt this is the start of many Iron Camps that will help bring us all together to share our knowledge and progress along the journey of open source development. The closing session showed the upcoming roadmap for the next Drupal events happening around the world.

The next Iron Camp was then announced and we're looking forward to seeing you all there in: Belgrade, Serbia in 2018!

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November 28, 2016

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