Amazee Metrics

In early 2013 we decided to spin-off the conversion unit of Amazee Labs into an independent company.
Regardless of your technology stack Amazee Metrics will guide you through the world of quantifiable web metrics.

Amazee Metrics


Your first weapon in online competition is search engine optimization. From technical search engine optimization to defining the right keywords, Amazee Metrics knows the tricks of the trade and will help your site to rank high.

Web Analytics

If you manage, you have to measure. Amazee Metrics will safely guide you through the range of online analytics and help you focus on the few Key Performance indicators (KPIs) that make your business thrive.

Landing Page Optimization

You want your visitors to land on the right pages and follow your calls to action. With methods like A/B testing, or multivariate testing, Amazee Metrics helps you to boost the conversion rates and revenue of your website.

Measuring Your Success!