Creating beautiful sites

We at Amazee Labs Cape Town will be at your side through all the stages of the development process. Social Media applications, websites, campaigning tools, web shops - you name it, we build it.

Our tools of choice

Amazee Labs Cape Town's tech team knows its Kung Fu in contemporary web technologies. With Apache, MySQL, PHP, SASS/CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax or HTML5 we weave complex problems into elegant and beautiful solutions that work.

Our tools of choice

Our weapon

At Amazee Labs Cape Town we love the open-source CMS Drupal. With Drupal we can work quickly and cost-effectively allowing you to use your budget on the features that matter instead of squandering it on software licenses.

Transparency along every step of the way

Tools like the distributed revision control, source code management system Git allow you to review every step tacken and interact in an agile way with us during every phase of your project.