Dress to impress

We at Amazee Labs Cape Town know that content is king, usability is queen and beauty comes in the form of Jack. The team at Amazee Labs Cape Town will tailor your presence's appearance and make sure it fits perfectly.

Dress to impress


Amazee Labs Cape Town knows the tricks of the trade and the latest trends. Whether it’s responsive design, parallax, retina ready, flat design or skeuomorphism the team in Cape Town knows when to use them and more importantly, when not to use them.


The team of Amzee Labs Cape Town is convinced that form follows function. Amazee Labs Cape Town will design with the most important stakeholder, the user, in mind. To make sure that it works for your target audience Amazee Labs Cape Town performs merciless usability tests on your solution.

User Experience

Working hard at the intersection of design and usability Amazee Labs Cape Town will ensure that your solution feels good. The team in Cape Town knows that the last thing you want is a solution that looks good but is heavy and unusable - the proverbial pig with lipstick.