Welcome, Marleen Bos!

Amazee Labs is excited to introduce our newest Project Manager, Marleen Bos!

Born and raised in a small city in the Netherlands, Marleen couldn't wait to explore the world. Now she’s lived in ten cities in five different countries, speaks multiple languages, and is looking for her next challenge.

Welcome, Marleen Bos!

Marleen comes to us with experience in working with everyone from large multinational companies to small software companies. She has extensive experience in supply chain management, IT, and sales. Her diverse skill set makes her the perfect addition to the Amazee family.

When she’s not perfecting the art of managing stakeholder satisfaction and team deliverables, you can often find her exploring the universe through her telescope. Welcome to the team, Marleen!

March 1, 2019

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By Jill
2 weeks ago

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