Kristy Moon Is in the House

Our flock is growing! Just one short month after Seth's first day, we've added another stellar developer to the Amazee Labs Austin team—Kristy Moon! The birds are happy she's here, so much so they made her a welcome sign.

We couldn't agree more!

Kristy's breadth of knowledge spans the life of any web project, from consulting through to hosting. Her aptitude for frontend development is especially keen. We're confident she'll further improve our ability to deliver beautiful, functional, and responsive Drupal websites.

Get this—Kristy and her husband met at DrupalCon Portland, and just two years later their little boy took some of his first steps at DrupalCon Los Angeles. What a cute Drupal family!  Welcome to our Amazee Labs family, Kristy!

July 18, 2017
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Kristy, welcome. Great to see you fly with the awesome ATX flock!

By Gregory Gerhardt
1 year ago

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