Welcome to the team, Felix!

Felix Morgan has joined the ranks of our Austin team as Marketing Coordinator and we’re excited to have her.

Felix comes to us from a background in communications psychology and journalism. Her love of technology, copy and technical writing, and social media make her the perfect fit for this position and as part of the Amazee family.

She has an extensive portfolio of content and copy for big brands, startups, and everything in between. She specializes in explaining highly technical concepts in conversational ways and is passionate about creating community both online and offline.

When not saving the world with an arsenal of clever words and gifs, she is a creative writer, published film reviewer, and wonders if people who know how to cook edible food are, in fact, magicians.

Felix is fond of saying “The stories we tell are important.” We’re so excited for her to help us tell our story.

Welcome Felix


September 18, 2017

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