Our Amazee-ing team keeps on growing!

Recently, we welcomed Blazej and John to our Amazee Labs team.

Blazej and John joins the team

Blazej Owczarczyk is our new developer and is working remotely from Poland as part of our Zurich team. He’s been part of the Drupal community for a long time and started working with Drupal when the current version was 5.7. He’s passionate about programming, maths and science in general and he’ll be sure to pour these passions into the Amazee projects he’ll work on.

John Albin Wilkins is the newest member of our team of front end developers and joins our Zurich team remotely from Taiwan. He started as a web developer when spacer gifs, table layouts and font tags ruled the seas. Since then he has left his pirating days behind and has been sharing much better ideas and code with anyone who wants to collaborate on front-end problems.

We’re happy to have you on board and we believe that together we can continue to be Amazee-ing!!

March 9, 2017
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Good luck for you!
Regards from 123 Essay

By Dave
2 seconds ago

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