Drupal Mountain Camp: Call for Sessions closing soon!

With 16 February 2017 fast-approaching, Drupal Mountain Camp is closing the call for sessions at midnight CET on Sunday, 8 January, so hurry and submit your talk today.

Mountain Camp

What and When is Drupal Mountain Camp?

The camp is designed to mix the beauty of the Swiss Alps, sprinkled in snow, with the warmth of the Drupal community. It's a perfect combination of fresh tracks for those who ski or snowboard with inspirational talks by amazing people topped with Swiss cheese & chocolate.

The camp will happen from 16 to 19 February 2017 at the Davos Congress Centre.

Drupal Mountain Camp

Final call for sessions

The closing for call for sessions is rapidly approaching, so submit your talks as soon as possible! There is already over 30 great sessions with 2 confirmed key-notes by Laura Gaetano and Preston So.

Does that sound interesting and do you want to know more about the process to submit your session topic? Well, read on:

How can I submit a session?

So you've got something you'd like to talk about, awesome, here's how you can submit a session:

  1. Head on over to the submit a session link.
  2. Think of a catchy-title and fill in the Session Title.
  3. What is your talk about? Try to write 4-5 lines about what you'd like to talk about in the Description textbox.
    • Note: you can add images if it helps portray your talk.
  4. Select what kind of Session Type (how much time) you'd like.
  5. Select the appropiate Tracks - you can select multiple if your talk covers various topics.
  6. Select the Level of expertise - is it more of a beginner talk or does it become quite advanced with technical terms?
  7. Don't forget to add your Speaker name and Contact email.

Well that sounds easy, but why should I submit a talk?

Public speaking rates high among the top 5 phobias by people right alongside going to the dentist and flying. Why would anyone put themselves through that? Well, everyone has their own reasons, but here's what I've gathered.

  • Giving a talk will require a lot of work and preparation, but don't let that put you off. It will pay off in the end.
  • People who attend your talk are generally looking for help in your specific topic, so this will be a great time for networking.
  • You'll be noticed and people will tell you that you're cool.
    • Ok, maybe you don't want to be noticed, and maybe you're fine with not being called cool, but you'll definetly have fun talking.
  • You'll feel way more confident afterwards, which might be a good enough boost for you to jump on a snowboard and hit the slopes on the weekend.

There are some great talks already submitted for example on topics like Migrations, Styleguide, and Paragraphs

"I don't know if my session is good enough."

Don't worry. There's help available, you can contact Josef / dasjo directly or get in touch with the organising team via the contact email on the camps website. We are happy to provide feedback about possible talk topics and the general agenda.

Is it fun to speak at events?

Yes. Not only will you further cement your knowledge on the topic by giving a talk about it, you'll also learn from your peers who attend your talk.

So, go ahead and submit your talk and we'll see you 16-19 of February in Davos, Switzerland. In the meantime, follow the camp on Twitter.

Drupal Mountain Camp in Davos

January 6, 2017

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