The periodic table of Drupal modules [infographic & wallpapers]

The periodic table of Drupal modules

Modules are the basic structural elements of the Drupal web sites we build. As in chemistry, every one of them has specific characteristics. To help the rookies of our Drupal Community get a quick overview and the experienced site builders remember the basic modules, we created the Periodic Table of Drupal Modules. Each of the 106 most popular modules is featured it’s own square, with its name, symbol, and ranking, based on the number of downloads from

The Periodic Table of Drupal Modules was introduced as a limited edition poster at DrupalCon Munich. By popular demand we decided to provide three additional versions for the community.

Update September 2013: For DrupalCon Prague we updated the Periodic Table of Drupal Modules and created some additional Drupal 8 inspired wallpapers, which you can download.

Wallpaper versions


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PDF version

The Periodic Table of Drupal Modules (PDF, 2.9 MB)

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August 23, 2012

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