Our annual summer BBQ

Yesterday we hosted our annual Summer BBQ. Attendees included clients, family, and friends. Here's what we got up to:

People sitting at a long table

When picking the exact date of the BBQ we knew we always had to keep our weather fingers crossed, but we were quite unlucky in the end and Fall conveyed it’s first hello - aka rain, rain, and more rain. But if you think, that that stopped us, you’re wrong!

With the grill heated up, and a tent above their heads, two brave souls, made sure that our BBQ stayed true to its name. The lucky rest took the party inside. Just like any typical BBQ, we had lot’s of finger food, meats, salads and to top that off, there was beer we could draw from kegs, wine, a watermelon punch and Gasparini ice cream.

We had all kinds of surprises setting-up for the BBQ. It’s probably best if you let me take you through the tour.  

First up

Victor suggested two Zurich based musicians, Stephan and Alejandro, of Hermanos Gutiérrez for our evening's entertainment. They played for us all night, and they were truly incredible.

Hermanos Guitérrez

They play purely instrumental Latin soul music, which provided the perfect atmosphere. A satisfied Victor declared that: “It was truly great, made the whole evening sublime.”

The ambiance they created, did, as a matter of fact, put everyone in just the right mood to relax, enjoy the feast, chat and explore some new technologies.

My favorite exploration

As one of the minds behind Zurich’s TEDx chapter, our CEO and Partner, Urs Bucher, got Dr. Patrick Künzler to show off the Limbic Chair, not just in the TEDx talk, but also at our BBQ.

A person testing VR and the Limbic Chair

Now let me tell you. This chair is really something else. According to Dr. Patrick Künzler, research shows that walking and movement is better for you than standing or sitting. In this chair, you move constantly.

That sounds uncomfortable, right? It isn’t. Instead, it feels like you’re floating. When trying it, you could actually wear VR glasses and play a game, in which you navigate by just by moving your legs. To me, that was the craziest part of the evening.

What I wish we could have seen

One of the cool things we planned was the Dji Mavic in combo with the Dji Goggles. The Dji Mavic is a photography and videography drone, that follows you around using satellite information. Even though it is very small, it has epic features, including 5 vision sensors that recognize any obstacles and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3-axis mechanical gimbal. Because it is so small, it’s very easy to carry around and control with your phone. The goggles transmit the drone footage life so that one can get an aerial view.

However, due to the stormy weather, we sadly weren’t able to take Basti’s drone out for a test ride.

So, to wrap it all up, it was simply a wonderful summer BBQ. See for yourself in some of the following snapshots:

Urs with a beer, pointing into the cameraA guest smiling and talking to a group of peopleA guest talking to a group of people.

I’d like to thank the Amazee Team for putting this great evening together and the great food, Amboss for the beer, Hermanos Guitérrez for the ambiance, Dr. Künzler for his chair, and all of our lovely guests with whom I got to enjoy the fantastic evening.

All pictures by Boris Baldinger

September 1, 2017
Amazee Zurich Hub

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