Our community project for Open Streets Cape Town

What are communal spaces of roads for? How can we maximise their utility?

With the launch of the complete re-design for Open Streets’ webpage, the organization can now raise these questions to improve public awareness for streets.

Open Streets Concept

Open Streets is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its focus lies on how people perceive, use and experience streets by interrogating how they are designed and regulated. The organization aims to raise awareness in order to change people's behaviour. They do this through their flagship events - Open Streets Days.


OpenStreets Concept

Originally the site was on Drupal 7, and with the entire re-design for the Open Streets site, we migrated it to Drupal 8. The CMS itself was chosen for the Open Streets project because its modularity allows for a great level of flexibility for the editors. The previous site was built in 2013 and the home page was built more as a news feed which did not provide the essential information about the organization immediately.

In the whole redesign, we made sure that the hero area was more explanatory on who Open Streets are and what they do, and brought in brighter elements. The rest of the site followed suit in terms of fonts and colours, but to make sure that loyal Open Streets fans didn’t get too lost, we generally kept the same layout.

Some of the key modules we used, were:

  • Date time - for the events, to show the start and end date

  • Image URL Formatter - to use images as background images on the home page hero area/blocks

  • Focal Point - to set the center point of images around which to crop, ensuring that faces aren’t cropped off strangely

  • YouTube Field - An easy way to insert YouTube videos into content

  • AddToAny - encouraging users to share content

  • Contact storage - as we are not yet using webforms on the site, we decided to go with the standard contact form and Contact Storage for retaining form submissions

  • Superfish - for the drop-down navigation

As a result, the site is now much more modern, information is structured and easy to navigate and the bright colours make it feel lively and encourage interaction.

All in all, Open Streets can effectively send a strong message for their cause, and we feel great about being able to contribute to that cause.

October 14, 2017

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