Welcome to Amazee Labs!

Meet Katharina - our new operations assistant in Cape Town.

Katharina Westen

Katharina moved to South Africa from Germany when she was 21 and has really come to love all there is to love about South Africa and its people.

After working in the customer support department at Amazon for 6 years Katharina knows what it takes to make clients happy. Working closely with Sharna and Lisi, Katharina has a wide range of responsibilities to ensure smooth operations in a busy working environment.

Her passion and enthusiasm made her the perfect fit on paper, even before meeting her. Her friendly nature and loud laugh made the fit even better because she helps to create a comfortable, happy atmosphere for the entire team on a daily basis.

Welcome, Katharina - we are extremely happy to have you on board.

Welcome Katharina Westen

May 8, 2017
Cape Town
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