Learning Web Animation from the Experts

As Amazee’s resident motion design enthusiasts, Sarah Geissberger and I were enthralled with excitement to hear about a series of Web Animation Workshops that the animation gurus, Sarah Drasner and Val Head, were hosting in various locations all over the world.

And so at the beginning of September, we were lucky enough to attend one of these awesome workshops in Paris.

Amazee Labs is a company that understands the value and importance of animation on the web. So, soon after discovering the workshop’s existence we had our tickets and travel all arranged to attend one of these phenomenal education experiences.

On Saturday 2, September we escaped the thunderstorms and rain of Zurich and headed off to sunny Paris. Blessed with lovely weather, we spent our free time exploring the picturesque city and experiencing the local culture.

Monday marked the start of an intense and awesome 2-day workshop. As these events are limited to a maximum of 40 people this allowed us to have invaluable one-on-one learning time with the motion design superstars.

The action-packed program covered the best of the best in terms of the latest and greatest technologies and animation frameworks. This included an in-depth look at animating with CSS, JavaScript (specifically GSAP), and SVG through hands-on exercises as well as a strong focus on animating with React.

After the two days of practical and technical learning, surrounded by fellow motion enthusiasts, we returned to our Airbnb overflowing with inspiration and determination. This lead to an all-nighter full of experimenting with what we had learned from the workshop. We created a variety of immersive and invisible animations, raced bezier curves against one another (this is an animator joke, they always finish at the same time) and occasionally shouted the word “Buttons!”* in a high pitched voice.

One of our creations from that night was an SVG animation of the Drupal Logo morphing and drawing into the Zurich coat of arms. The inspiration behind this immersive animation was the Drupal User Group Meetup which we presented at on the Thursday. Below you can see the CodePen for this animation.

Ultimately, we had an incredible time and the workshop was mind-blowing. Our knowledge and technical ability grew dramatically over the duration of the course and we are very excited to be able to put our refined skills to the test on some exciting upcoming projects for our clients.

* Sarah and I have a mutual passion buttons and CTAs that are beautifully designed and performantly animated with meaningful motion to improve the user’s experience. So, watch this space for an upcoming technical blog post on this subject.

September 13, 2017
Paris, France

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