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#amazee10 - What a journey.

Earlier this month all Amazee teams, from the various locations, visited Cape Town to work together and to have some fun during a 4-day weekend team getaway in celebration of 10 years of the Amazee Group. 

April 25, 2017

Celebrating 10 years of Amazee in Cape Town

It felt like an extended April Fool’s joke, as all of our colleagues, some of whom we have only met online, were suddenly appearing in the Cape Town office.

Every possible space that a bottom could be placed was taken, with an American accent here, a German accent there, and everything between, from Slovenian, to Austrian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Romanian. Not to mention our usual blend of South African accents. It was the start to a happy time of chaos!

April 20, 2017
Cape Town

My time in Zurich

I’ve always imagined as a kid, me travelling the world to see and experience different cultures and places. The one country that I’ve always wanted to visit was Switzerland. I was asked by many of my friends and family, as well as my teachers ‘Why Switzerland?’  and I would simply say “because they were never part of any war and of course... CHOCOLATE!"

March 15, 2017

Austin Team Workshop

We find it worthwhile, as others do I'm sure, to take stock in the company now and again. For as long as I've been with Amazee Labs we've routinely analyzed the state of business and used our findings to improve moving forward. 

February 23, 2017

Keyboard shortcuts

If you spend a lot of hours on a computer every day, odds are you already know and love some keyboard shortcuts. Amongst the most popular are copy (command-C), paste (command-V), undo (command-Z), and redo (command-Y), but there is a vast sea of keyboard shortcuts out there to make our lives easier. I asked around the office and put together a list of a few favorites for applications we use (please note these are for Mac users, but other operating systems work similarly).

August 10, 2016