Front-Trends 2018

Warsaw. May 2018. A bunch of friendly and brilliant people taking to the stage to share insights on front-end web development matters and inspire an eager audience. Balloons. Following my colleague Blazej’s great advice to sign up for the city’s public bike system, I happily rode my way to Front-Trends, a very well organized conference for developers on all experience levels.

Front Trends stage and audience

The gathering started with Sarah Drasner talking about the consequences of living online and relying more and more on machine learning algorithms. She shared very interesting examples that inspired the audience to take ownership of their work and consider the positive impact their work can have.

Sarah’s talk had a nice balance between actionable tips (“ask questions”) and visionary insights on where technology and the web are headed, which seemed to set the tone for the conference.

Some sessions were very specific with regards to technical details, the glow on Serg Hospodarets’ face, as he told us about how native JavaScript modules are finally supported across all major browsers, was priceless. Others looked more into the future, like Filip Bech’s take on templating, while the rest were a mix. But all speakers seemed to share at least two traits: being enthusiastic and caring about others, which is very exciting to see in people that are literally pushing the web further.

Here are some topics I underlined a few times on my To Learn list:

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Service Workers
  • WebAssembly
  • Web Components
Laura Carvajal on stage
Laura Carvajal taking us through the serverless set-up she built for a Pokémon radar.

In addition to the main sessions there were also lightning talks, which were up to seven minutes in length and ranged in topics from Brotli (a compression algorithm) to the challenges of teaching web development at school. All in all there is a whole lot of information (available on YouTube soon) that I’m still digesting, with a renewed excitement for the web and beyond.

June 1, 2018

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