It was a deceptively warm and dry Monday in Portland on the first day of DrupalCon. It was the first DrupalCon Kristy had attended, and the event that would change her life, FOREVER. Walking toward the hotel bar to meet her co-workers, she catches a glimpse of a handsome young gentlemen drinking alone on a very large empty table. Kristy, persuading her team to mix and mingle, moves the team to the gentleman’s open table. 

Kristy & Yes Moon

As he finishes talking on the phone while sipping whiskey, neat, Kristy and team surround him. She introduces herself. He introduces himself. Yes was his name. Yes, Yes. As the conversation continues around names and accents, Kristy and Yes share a spark. Yes decides to retire to his room to prepare for the rest of the conference.  As Yes returns to the room, he soon realizes that he hadn’t exchanged any contact information. Fool move. 

The next morning at the Keynote, Yes waited by the door as people were leaving and luckily “ran into” Kristy. They decided to conference together and through conversations about Drupal and work, realized that they had much more in common than just being in the same place at the same time. 

Fast forward 5 years...

Kristy and Yes are now married with two kids, and are both active Drupal developers. DrupalCon 2018 marks their 5th anniversary and, coincidentally, their wedding anniversary. Drupal and the conference that brought them together are part of their story. 

5 years later at DrupalCon 2018
DrupalCon Nashville 2018

Do you have a DrupalCon story?

April 12, 2018

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