Pictures worth a 1000 words, also at #DrupalConEUR

This is my wrap up of, Monday September 25,  the day before #DrupalConEUR started. DrupalCon officially starts tomorrow, and even without sessions, the Amazee Team’s day was really busy!

The Amazee Labs Lounge

We started out by setting up our lounge, which doubles as a RECHARGE STATION. This means you can recharge your feet by sitting down, stow your stuff (lock it away safely), and have a chocolate on us. In addition, you can recharge your gear, as we also provide plug-in power points.

Once the lounge was set up and almost everyone arrived in Vienna, we enjoyed meeting friends and sharing looooong hugs. This was unique for me, as I haven’t ever actually seen most of the Amazee Team in person.

The Amazee Team at the start of the Vienna tour

In the evening we were treated to the Amazee “Best of Vienna” Tour, which had us split up into three groups with three official guides, who told us the best and most thrilling stories of this amazing city, Vienna. I will let the following pictures tell you the rest of the story...

Photo of the Vienna Tour

The first amazee day in the “city of art” was amazing! with a lot of history and hugs.Photo of the Vienna tour


The first Amazee day in the “city of art” was amazing! With a lot of history and hugs.

September 26, 2017
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Nice roundup for pictures! Eye-candy for us; the ones who couldn't make it there!

By Hamza Mohammad Ziaullah
2 weeks ago

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