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As dedicated Drupalistas, we contribute to the Drupal Community all year round. Our two busiest months though were September and October, which saw us attend and speak at DrupalCon in Vienna and then organise and present at Drupal Camp Cape Town.

Drupal Camp Cape Town 2017

This year’s Camp took place at the River Club in Observatory on Friday, 13 October. With 11 informative talks across two tracks and around 100 attendees, the event was a great success.

Keynote Speaker - Angie Byron

Of those 11 talks, 5 were presented by Amazees. Stew West shared his knowledge in the form of a workshop on “Drupal Basics, Content Types and Views”, which he co-presented with Chris Kriel of Rogerwilco. Their session was well attended by students and beginners and helped build a good foundation for the Drupal users of the future.

Lisa Thesen shared her talk “Motion Design - Improving UX with Animations”, which she also presented at DrupalCon Vienna, with Sarah Geissberger.

Lead Engineer, Sebastian Siemssen, of Amazee Labs Zurich was unable to make it to the Camp in person but joined us remotely to talk on “The wonders of GraphQL and Drupal”.

Lisa Thesen and Chris Bailey

Amazee Metrics also contributed on the day, in the form of a very informative talk by Digital Analyst Chris Bailey, which highlighted the importance of “How to build websites with analytics in mind”.

Rounding out the day was Head of Global Maintenance at Amazee Labs, Bryan Gruneberg, who spoke about "Maintainability and Longevity - Keeping customers and developers happy".

Camp Attendees

Inky and Jason

I will be posting videos of these talks as they become available, so be sure to keep checking our blog in the days and weeks ahead. 

Drupal Camp Cape Town may be over for another year, but remember Drupal Cape Town meetups continue, so be sure to join us there for your monthly fix.

All Camp Attendees

To view more pictures from the Camp, visit our Flickr gallery of the day's events.

November 22, 2017

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