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Drupal Iron Camp

The first ever Iron Camp took place in Prague over the weekend, November 24th - 27th, and it was amazing!

Set in Prague, Czech Republic, a beautiful city with cobblestone streets surrounded by medieval style buildings along with a very welcoming and friendly culture. Let's not forget, they also have beer too!

November 28, 2016

Project Managers matter, and other self-actualizing thoughts

I had a wild aha moment last week while I was away at my first PM conference. I work in web and I'm a project manager. I thought I “got it”. Except, I guess I didn’t.

It wasn’t until I was surrounded in a ballroom of my peers, hearing Brett Harned's Army of Awesome rallying cry, seeing the words blown up on a screen that I realized, Oh my god. I'm not a glorified secretary.

I may not be the one coding, designing, or deploying a product, but what I do matters. It makes a difference. I'm part of my team in a tangible way. And a there are others like me

October 17, 2016

TDD and BDD: theory vs. reality (part 1)

So testing is good, more than that, testing is absolutely necessary for an application, and even more than that, testing is one of the things that can be made fully automated. In theory, this looks awesome! Then why is this so hard sometimes (or many times) to do that for every project? While (automated) testing is something almost vital from a developer's point of view, it is exactly the opposite for the client (maybe not in all cases, but in the majority for sure). For the client, the reality is that testing means spending a lot of money for something that they never see. In the best case, they can see some reports saying that their project passed all the tests.

August 31, 2016

Debug Solr queries

Solr is great! When you have a site even with not so much content and you want to have a full text search, then using Solr as a search engine will improve a lot the speed of the search itself and the accuracy of the results. But, as most of the times happen, all the good things also come with a drawback too. In this case, we talk about a new system which our web application will communicate to. This means that, even if the system is pretty good by default, you have to be able in some cases to understand more deeply how the system works.This means that, besides being able to configure the system, you have to know how you can debug it. We'll see in the following how we can debug the Solr queries which our applications use for searching, but first let’s think of a concrete example when we need to debug a query.

June 30, 2015