Amazee Summer BBQ 2018

You hear the rumors, “All our old Amazee friends will come”, they say. “The food will be delicious and we’ll get to meet Alex in person”, they say.

Well, the long-awaited day, highlighted for months in our calendars, August 30th - Amazee Summer BBQ, finally arrived. This distinguished tradition goes back years, but it was a first for me and it didn’t disappoint!

Amazee Summer BBQ 2018

Ahost of friendly faces gathered on our picturesque roof terrace to enjoy some tasty food and engaging conversation. Catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and also getting to know the regulars in our Zürich office.

We also had presentations, a novelty for this year, where Christina, Mayce, and Dan, shared some knowledge about GDPR compliant digital marketing, usability testing, and progressive decoupling with Drupal and React.

I had a lovely time and from the smiles on people’s faces as they were leaving (and the impressions and anecdotes shared over leftovers on the following day’s lunch) it was a feeling shared by all.

Summer BBQ 2018

Ah, and if you hear any rumors? Believe them. It’s all true.

Thanks a lot to Josef for the pictures!

September 3, 2018
Zurich, Switzerland

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