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Amazee Labs (Austin and Zurich) are developing using Drupal 8., owned by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert: "will become an increasingly helpful resource and starting point for people who are evaluating Drupal." We are passionate about developing content for Drupal site owners. We are excited to help meet this goal by developing

At the moment, we are most excited about building the site in Drupal 8.

The Amazee team dove deeply into Drupal 8 by launching, a fully multilingual site, on D8 in May 2014. As Dries said about, "don't try this at home." Building with Drupal 8 now is lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together. If you wait a bit longer, you can use matches (the post Beta release). To hear more about the joys and perils of our early adoption, watch Michael Schmid's session from DrupalCon Austin.

To share our knowledge gained, we developed the Drupal 8 for Drupalistas day-long training, which sold out in Austin and is almost-sold-out for DrupalCon Amsterdam. (There are still a few seats available, but you should hurry!) We were ready for a new challenge.

Planning development while incorporating (or not) the latest revisions is one of those challenges. The team implemented it's clean, modern design in one week, creating a responsive landing page with Twitter Bootstrap. Our first focus was creating the internal pages. We expanded the design and built a responsive grid-based theme using Sass and Compass. The new theme and initial internal pages are launching over the next week.

Meanwhile, we are upgrading core to the latest revision. Meaning, we are rebuilding the site. Once the pieces are refactored, development will continue until the Beta release. We will celebrate Beta by upgrading again.

Most of the functionality we take for granted on Drupal 7 is not yet ready for Drupal 8. Things like adding meta tags, sending the contact form to multiple email addresses, and page layout require creativity. Page Manager, for example, doesn't work on our current version but will work once we upgrade. For now, the internal landing pages use Views to layout content. Meta tag functionality will borrow custom code developed for, with some refactoring, or simply be hardcoded into the theme.

All of these solutions will evolve as Drupal 8 evolves. Participating in the evolution is the best part. The Amazee Labs' teams in Austin and Zurich collaborate daily and all we learn, or invent, will be contributed to the wider community.

More exciting news from the D8 frontier coming soon! Want to talk with us about your Drupal project? Both US and EU clients can contact us here.

September 18, 2014

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