Amazee Labs Zürich Christmas Dinner

It was that time of the year again. At Amazee Labs Zürich we celebrated our Christmas with lots of laughter, the annual big fat quiz of the year, good memories and great food. These were this year's highlights.

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year

Every year before we gather for our Christmas dinner, we have a one of a kind apéro. Great prizes, tricky questions and fantastic humour is what can always be expected at the Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

This year we were in for a special treat. With a composition of questions of topics like Amazee babies, sinking boats, our very own Hugh Hefner, blazing houses and Pink herself, it came to a very close call as to who won the last prize, a piece of shit. Yes, literally a piece of shit. The winner of which was Steffi. The first prize went to Dan, pushing our last champion Christina, off of her throne this year. He won a choice between a drone and a gigantic teddy bear. He picked the drone. 

And there it was, after many beers and peculiar quiz questions later we made our way towards Daizys.

The Dinner

On the way to Daizys, we waded through rain and lost each other on a couple of buses. In the end, we reached an area of Zurich, of which I am ashamed to say, I do not know well. It is well known for its fantastic restaurants. Daizys, definitely being one of them. Their concept is that you get served many different types of food on plates in the centre of the table, where everyone gets to pick and choose what they like.

Besides to getting to know my peers better, the best part of that evening was that it started to snow. I was sitting with my back to the window and thus was very surprised to turn around later that night and see thick snowflakes falling from the sky. Within only a couple of hours, there was already a significant layer of snow covering our landscape. Beautiful. I couldn’t imagine a more idyllic Christmas atmosphere.

Walking home through the snow and musing on our marvellous night made catching a cold entirely worth it.

Ps. Have a look at Nicole (who came in 2nd place) with her Teddy.

Nicole and her Teddy


December 13, 2017

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