WebMonday October 23rd 2017

Join us on October 23rd, where the third edition of WebMonday Zurich 2017 will bring the web community together at Swisscom Pirates Hub for another evening of inspiring talks, engaging questions and thought-provoking discussions.

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For anyone who does not know the history of WebMonday, it is an event, hosted only four times a year, where startups receive a platform to present their story. Besides brain-food, there is always beer and chips.

The three founders from the following three startups will share their experiences this WebMonday issue: 

Enterprise Bot

Enterprise Bot aims to transform the way businesses interact with their customers through AI-powered chatbots. The technology helps our financial services clients not only gain economic efficiency but also to have a secure, 24/7 virtual assistant available on multiple channels to quickly respond to their customers

Co-founder, Ravina Mutha will be presenting on behalf of Enterprise Bot.


flatnap is a subscription-based platform, designed to offer short holidays: According to the motto "more often instead of longer" flatnap offers access to an entire network of hotels, that are to be booked as often and whenever you like, at an attractive monthly package price. The monthly subscription price includes all overnight stays booked via the flatnap Web-App.

flatnap GmbH will be presented in German by co-founder, Dominik Stocker.


Klokan Technologies GmbH is a Swiss company specialized in online map publishing, geographic information retrieval and applications of open-source software for the cultural heritage sector.

Co-founder, Petr Pridal will be presenting on behalf of Klokantech.


As the first organization in Switzerland to promote and host startup related events, we are very much looking forward to hearing all three presentations this October, at Swisscom Pirates Hub. Be aware, only 80 tickets are available for this WebMonday. They are free, as they have always been #first-come-first-serve

October 2, 2017
Swisscom Pirates Hub, Konradstrasse 12, 8005 Zürich

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By Lead Generation Services
3 days ago

Where is the registration link for this event?

By Ajita
1 day ago

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