6th Web Monday Zurich

Last Monday the 6th Web Monday took place back in the good old Amazee office. Nearly 40 attendees started off the evening with some networking, drinks & snacks. At 7.15pm Jürg Cathomas from the Swiss Federation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Schweizerischer Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverband) showed us how a blind person surfs the Web. It was really interesting and fascinating, or rather, as Donna Jackson says "this presention put us sighted people to shame, the presenter, Jürg Cathomas, whipped through vocalised commands like lightning and showed us how to navigate the web and how to develop for the blind and partially sighted." It was definitely also an eye-opener for me! Then Jonathan Maim from Lausanne-based Minsh gave us a pre-alpha sneak-peak of their new application minsh. Minsh is a 3D underwater world, where your twitter account is represented by a colorful fish. That fish can go on a mission or join another group of fish. Nice stuff! I can already see a lot of passionate Twitter users going crazy about Minsh! I'm really pleased to see how the Web Monday Zurich is developing. There are more and more people signing up each time, the presentations give us insights into various areas of the Web and great connections result out the networking part. Wanna join the 7th Web Monday? Save the evening of 18 May and sign up here: http://www.amazee.com/web-monday-zurich Looking forward to the next Web Monday!

April 2, 2009

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