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When do we use Drupal 8 instead of Drupal 7?

Now that the Release Candidate is about a few weeks old, it is time for everyone to start thinking of using D8 for more than playing around with it. At Amazee Labs we started with our own website about 2 years ago. We built, among others, on beta10, MBA of University of St. Gallen on beta11 and Social Media Gipfel on beta15. Since the RC1 release we started two new projects and over the last year, we have gained a lot of experience with all the aspects of Drupal 8 websites.

October 22, 2015

DrupalCon Barcelona - Recap

DrupalCon is not only about sessions, though they are a big part of the conference. Up to 10 presentations at the same time ensure, that there is quality content for any audience. At the same time, many things happen alongside of the sessions.

Some of the side activities might be really familiar to anyone who has attended a Drupal event; some might be hidden gems that I would definitely recommend checking out.

Drupal is all about the people behind the great software we are using. Let's find out together what happens during DrupalCon.

September 29, 2015

DrupalCon Barcelona 2015 - Day 2

Tuesday is a very special day at any DrupalCon. This is the day when the conference officially starts. But also Tuesday is the day after the first meetings, greetings and parties with the community. 

No matter how difficult it can be for one to get up early, you don’t want to miss the Prenote. It is just awesome. This time we learned the most important phrases in Catalan, enjoyed an excurse into Spanish architecture and learned, what it has in common with Drupal 8.

September 23, 2015