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Site Launch: World Monuments Fund

This morning, high above the bustling streets of Midtown, Manhattan, journalists and news outlets from across the country (perhaps the globe) are gathered to cover World Monuments Fund's big announcement. Although we'd like to think the pageantry is all about their fresh Drupal website, in fact, WMF is announcing its bienniel list of Watch sites, those of architectural and cultural significance, and in most need of the organization's attention.

October 15, 2015

Welcome Steffi

Say hello to the latest member of our Amazee family – Steffi. She joins our team as an addition to our project management power!

September 18, 2015

Working every day

Over a year ago I've started working every day. Yes, yes; every single day. No weekends. I only have holidays...but let's start from the beginning.

One day I've read Write Code Every Day an article by John Resig (actually, its Russian translation) and I thought "Hmm... this might work" and started to think deeper... "Work for what?" you may ask. Well, before reading that article, I had begun to notice some things in my life which I'd prefer to avoid.

August 4, 2015