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Frontend United is awesome

Frontend United is a non-profit, developer-first, community-focused conference. It is held every year in a different European city and this time it was Utrecht in the Netherlands’ turn. I was lucky enough to attend it along with some 400 people and several dozen more that joined remotely from India, Rwanda, Thailand, and Suriname.

June 7, 2018

Front-Trends 2018

Warsaw. May 2018. A bunch of friendly and brilliant people taking to the stage to share insights on front-end web development matters and inspire an eager audience. Balloons. Following my colleague Blazej’s great advice to sign up for the city’s public bike system, I happily rode my way to Front-Trends, a very well organized conference for developers on all experience levels.

June 1, 2018

Social Media Week Austin

Social Media Week Austin, held in February earlier this year, is a three-day conference which promotes discussion and knowledge sharing among professionals in the fields of social media and digital marketing.

Hosted in downtown Austin, Texas, the attendees were mostly local, a group of professionals that skewed mostly young and female. And boy, were they passionate. As I watched people take thorough notes and spent time lined up outside the smaller rooms to get into a session they wanted, I knew this was my kind of conference.

April 24, 2018


It was a deceptively warm and dry Monday in Portland on the first day of DrupalCon. It was the first DrupalCon Kristy had attended, and the event that would change her life, FOREVER. Walking toward the hotel bar to meet her co-workers, she catches a glimpse of a handsome young gentlemen drinking alone on a very large empty table. Kristy, persuading her team to mix and mingle, moves the team to the gentleman’s open table. 

April 12, 2018

Driesnote Recap

Another Drupalcon means another Driesnote. This year, as always, Dries gives us insights into Drupal's past, present, and future. The whole thing was recorded and you should check it out for yourself but until it gets published, here’s a short recap.

April 11, 2018