Project Managers matter, and other self-actualizing thoughts

I had a wild aha moment last week while I was away at my first PM conference. I work in web and I'm a project manager. I thought I “got it”. Except, I guess I didn’t.

It wasn’t until I was surrounded in a ballroom of my peers, hearing Brett Harned's Army of Awesome rallying cry, seeing the words blown up on a screen that I realized, Oh my god. I'm not a glorified secretary.

I may not be the one coding, designing, or deploying a product, but what I do matters. It makes a difference. I'm part of my team in a tangible way. And a there are others like me

October 17, 2016

A fresh disruptive encounter; when Web Monday met #StartupSpaceZH

Did you miss our latest Web Monday? It took place in the cool new #StartupSpaceZH - a creatively stimulating workplace environment for emerging startups, with a range of services available provided by the Institut für Jungunternehmen (IFJ, Institute for Young Entrepreneurs).

Speakers included:

September 21, 2016
We’re a bit extreme