#amazee10 - Design Workshop

The story of three designers from three continents and a nice rooftop.

During the Amazee 10-year anniversary pre-camp in Cape Town, the three amazee(-ing) Lead Designers, Jason, Andrew and Lisa came together for the first time. We have been exchanging knowledge and working on projects together, but have never had the opportunity to sit together at the same table and discuss our work, face to face. That’s why this was the perfect opportunity to start with an exciting internal project: the rebranding and redesign of our own website.

We met on the beautiful roof terrace of Stoked Backpackers, with its incredible sea view. Our workshop started by reviewing research and branding guidelines and discussing user stories, brand character and target groups. We also planned our design process from conception to implementation and defined the timeline for the entire project.

After an enjoyable lunch break, we kicked off the conception phase by agreeing on our approach - first, we needed a common understanding of our branding and visual language before starting with the information architecture. By outlining the brand with adjectives such as earthy, loud, or deconstructed we approached the transformation of the written branding guidelines into a visual moodboard. It was really nice (and also a bit surprising) that we have a common vision of how the new Amazee Labs website, should look and feel, even if we work from three different countries.

The afternoon passed by super quickly. We ended the workshop by consolidating our work and agreeing on the next steps. Our work has just started and we will continue soon… with three oceans and several thousand kilometres between us.

April 21, 2017

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