2nd Web Monday Zurich 2015 - was fun, fun, fun!

It was a pleasure for us to organize the 2nd Web Monday Zurich in 2015.

For the 2nd time of the Web Monday Zurich’s history, Google was an amazing host for this event. We are really happy to have such loyal partners supporting the startup community. 

The presentations touched different industries such as publishing (Niuws), local commerce (Poinz) and fashion (Selfnation). All speakers did a great job in presenting their startup, the vision they are pursuing and the challenges they met on their way.

This time a surprise was waiting - sponsored give-aways. At the end, four lucky guests left with either a Google Chromecast or a voucher for a Selfnation custom-tailored jeans in their bag.

Boris Baldinger caught the atmosphere of the evening with his creative photographs. Here you can find out if you know some of the crowd. 

Special thanks goes to all that helped to make this free event happen from hosting, speaking, taking pictures, helping out and attending! 


Save the date

We hope to see you at the next Web Monday Zurich. It will happen on the 24th of August. If you like to be a host or a speaker, please contact me. 



April 29, 2015

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