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A highly flexible platform for 1000plus.

1000plus is an organization, based in Germany, which campaigns to promote choosing life over an abortion and provides options to pregnant women to make the best choice for themselves and their babies. They do this through a newsletter, informative evening events, and various campaigns, as well as through their sister platform ProFemina.


We gave them a redesign and built a platform so that we can create new features for a phased approach, and migrated the site to Drupal.


Many of the same modules were used as in ProFemina, with Paragraphs being used to a severe degree, that it provides a highly flexible and dynamic set of options to build pages. The first phase offers a whole design with a new lease on life; improve the navigation and information pages, a jobs and resources sections, a simple news and press pages; registration forms for activities, job applications, their congress - and much more; and most importantly integrating the RaiseNow donation platform.


1000plus now has a highly interactive platform. In following phases for 1000plus, we are starting to look at building a more advanced news platform and a shop interface.
During the relaunch of our website, we introduced a couple of new web features. Amazee Labs was a fantastic help to realize that ambitious project!
Kristijan Aufiero, Initiator and Director of 1000plus