DrupalCon Amsterdam – Here We Come!

Check out the details on all our Amazee session and other must-see events:

Monday, 28 October

Felix Morgan will be presenting The Good, The Bad, and the Data: Marketing Strategies for Open Source Companies. She’ll discuss how marketing strategies that focus on leads are only addressing one aspect of successful positioning for companies promoting and using open source software. In this introductory session, Felix covers marketing best practices specifically for businesses that are creating, customizing, and contributing to open source software for their clients. Topics covered will include:

  • Personas and Stakeholders: beyond just the buyer.
  • Community and Narrative: the stories we tell are important.
  • Data: what to measure and when.

17:15-1800 in Room G102

Tuesday, 29 October

Jamie Hollern and Mattia Simonato will be presenting a session called Storybook and Drupal: Seamless frontend integration for decoupled sites. This session will explain how to use Twig with Storybook and Drupal to bring all the advantages of UI component libraries into a decoupled Drupal project, and how to build a component library for decoupled Drupal sites. 

16:40-17:00 Room G106

Social Events 

Make sure you join us for the official kickoff on Monday night! Located within the Exhibition Hall, the opening reception for DrupalCon promises to be a great time, followed by The International Splash Awards, celebrating the best Drupal projects in the world. 

On Wednesday, all women, trans* individuals, and those who identify outside of the gender binary are invited to Women in Drupal Luncheon to have lunch, mingle and meet Professor Sue Black and enjoy a small introduction before her Keynote speech: “If I can do it, so you can”.

Wednesday night, test out your Drupal knowledge! In the grand tradition of pub quizzes, capture the title of Drupal trivia champion and win small prizes to boot! You can even SUBMIT TRIVIA QUESTIONS here.

During the con, make sure you stop by Amazee Labs Lounge to kick back and charge up. We hope to see you in Amsterdam for all the passionate presentations and in-person, peer-to-peer discussions with Drupal Leaders.

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