DrupalCon Amsterdam Day 3 Recap 

DrupalCon Day 3 Recap 

We arrived just in time for the Dries Q&A, where Drupal founder Dries Buytaert answered the communities questions about future plans, roadblocks in the development, and what the challenges are for open source software to compete with licensed software (basically just because those can offer a wider range of toolsets). He also spent a lot of time emphasizing what makes the Drupal community so special.

amazee.io as a Platinum sponsor had a short Amazecapades performance in the exhibit hall at lunchtime. For a change, this session wasn’t filled with facts about Lagoon, tech talk or sales-y lines, instead was short lightning talks and activities with fun life tips. 

amazee.io Michael Open Mic

Michael Schmid shared his secrets to relax and fall asleep fast, which consists of the 4-7-8 breathing method: four seconds in, hold your breath for seven secs and breath out for eight. After that, try just counting down from one hundred. Sounds too simple, right? You should try it, but maybe not at work. ;-) 

Amazee Labs Felix Open Mic

Felix Morgan spoiled movies for everyone (JK) as she explained every single movie follows the exact same dramatic composition at 25%, 50% and 75% through the movie.

amazee.io Nicole Open Mic

Nicole DeAngelis then finished off with a small Yoga session to help loosen the stiff necks and move the body after the long-time sitting in talks.

Completely relaxed, I headed to a very promising Keynote by Sue Black. Her talk was very inspiring, as she went on about how challenges in her life got her to build a successful career out of it. With dedication, passion and education, everyone can achieve their goals.

After this motivating session, we took a short stroll to the park behind the RAI for a quick moment to enjoy the Sun and get some fresh air.

The afternoon was mostly spent with the Amazee team; getting to know each other better and in person. I had a great rap with a lot of folks and also learned about rubber duck debugging as well as actually solving a client issue by implementing it - double success!!! :celebrate:

The end of the conference day concluded with Trivia night. After being in the Drupal community for my second year now, I felt confident enough to join a team and compete for the cool prizes.

Quiz Night

Quiz Night Q&A

Sadly, my input didn’t make the difference as we came in at rank 33 out of at least 50. Nonetheless, it was a lot of fun. Besides the friendly competition, I gained more background knowledge about the CMS and Community in which I’ve been working with for some time now.

All in all, being at a Conference with +/- 1600 like-minded people broadened my horizon about the culture that can stand behind such a framework and how everything clips together within the open source community.

I’m already looking forward to attending next years DrupalCon!

P.S. #thanksdan for supporting my poor blog writing!

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