Mattia Simonato

Frontend Developer

Mattia Simonato was born and raised in Italy and found a passion for design and art from a very early age. To follow this love for design he decided to study web design and, after completing his studies, he started working as a web designer. It was during these years that Mattia was left amazed by developers and how they manage to solve any problem. As a result, he decided to also study Computer Science and Fullstack Javascript. Mattia still loves design and he also loves coding, so the frontend world is a perfect match for him.

In the last few years, Mattia has worked in Italy, Spain (Barcelona), and Denmark (Copenhagen) as a frontend developer. As part of the Amazee team, he’s looking forward to becoming a better developer and learning more about animations, tests, project structure and might also try his hand at learning German.

When Mattia is not coding, he loves travelling, playing basketball and watching NBA games. He also enjoys good food, wine, and beer.

Fun fact:

Mattia has seen every single Lebron James game since 2012.