Packing the goodies for Prague

Packing the goodies for Prague

Our preparations for DrupalCon Prague are slowly reaching fever pitch. Since it's less than a fortnight to go we want to share some of our enthusiasm with you. Here is an exclusive preview of two goodies we'll be giving away at the conference.

The first item are gorgeous stickers which certainly will visually enhance any object and spread the message of what Drupal does.

The second one is a super limited edition t-shirt with the same 'Making your web work' motive.

The major question that remains is how you'll get your hands on them. For a sticker just swing by our booth and pick one up, regarding the t-shirt let's just say: watch this space.

Hopefully these two items will have whet your appetite, but remember there is one further item we'll keep under lock and seal until Prague...

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