Blog Highlights - 2021


Your company’s website is one of the most important digital channels in your marketing strategy, so it should be optimised at all times — but where do you start? It can be difficult to find a digital agency that perfectly fits your needs and can truly understand your business goals. We discussed what we consider to be a great recipe for success, and also provided a guide for Marketing Managers to ease the path.

A big focus for Amazee Labs in 2021, was shedding light on the important topic of accessibility. Did you know that 98 out of 100 websites present accessibility violations? On a brighter note: the World Wide Web was meant to be a universal medium — find out how to make simple changes to your website that have a huge positive impact on all your users in the article below, and an overview of the accessibility audits we offer.

Artificial Intelligence is a smart, powerful tool that our Experience Design team uses to create better user interfaces and more intuitive online experiences. But how are we taking advantage of these sophisticated algorithms to effectively and efficiently test user experiences using machine-based eye tracking?

With Drupal 8’s end-of-life date in November 2021, it was essential that we supported our clients, who weren’t there already, in their move to Drupal 9. We shared our experience, in two blogs, on how we handled the process of upgrading to Drupal 9.

At Amazee Labs, we still care about your website long after it’s been launched; that’s why we have a team specifically for your web maintenance issues, plus a dedicated team that provides extensions for your website, both separate from the new development team. Lead Project Manager, Isabel Racine, tells us more.


Our workflow for front-end and UX development relies heavily on Storybook to be able to quickly iterate on prototypes and ideas. But we regularly faced problems when it came to dependencies to the React framework in use. We felt our story and the eventual solution was worth sharing.

Saying that, React is here to stay! It has been around since 2015 and is constantly improving. It’s also backed by a huge open-source community and big tech giant Facebook. In this article, Nick O’Sullivan explained why it is still a good choice for your website.

When it comes to designing web applications for international users, we not only need to think about translations, but also all the variations that come with translating text, such as plural forms, formats for dates and currencies, and a handful of other logistics as well. Read more about one of the most popular libraries, Gatsby and React, in an informative overview by one of our developers, Mattia Simonato.


Our passion for continuous learning and meeting the community remained as strong as ever throughout 2021. We were particularly excited to host an event as part of DrupalCon Europe. Find out more in our blog!

Even though this year's edition of DrupalCon North America took place virtually and the format differed slightly from previous years, the talks were still as informative and inspiring as ever. There was a strong focus on the editor experience in Drupal, as highlighted in Daniel Lemon’s Blog.


We continue to be extremely proud of our team and positive culture. In one of our articles, Carly Schmitting, discussed the under-representation of women in tech, but how Amazee Labs is leading the way with women in senior positions, including our CEO, as well as other measures that promote positive change.

With 80% of our team working remotely from somewhere on this planet, we benefit from having colleagues from all over the world and of different backgrounds and mindsets, bringing their perspectives together. Our HR and Recruitment Manager, Matt Smith, explained how inclusivity is the cornerstone of Amazee Labs’ culture.

This is just a taste of what we were up to during 2021 — if you want to see more of our other blogs, be sure to check out our Journal page. 

And if you’ve got a specific question or unique problem in mind, we’re always happy to help. Start a conversation with one of our experts today!

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