Why we believe in Remote Work

Whether or not businesses revert back to more traditional ways once we have escaped the COVID-19 crisis remains to be seen, and remote working can’t work for every company. But it may be that much more difficult in the future for traditional office-based businesses to have a “no home office” policy.

One thing is for certain, Amazee Labs will continue to embrace remote work, and we wanted to take a moment to share the many ways in which it can help a business and it’s employees.

Better Work/Life Balance

By embracing remote work, the single biggest effect is on the work/life balance of employees, which in turn has so many other positive effects! Employees get to manage their time better, starting and ending the day, in the comfort of their own personal workspace with homemade coffee. We combine remote work with flexible working hours at Amazee Labs. This makes managing life commitments, a family, pets, etc., much easier and less stressful, which means happier colleagues.


Another thing that remote work allows is the ability for employees to not be tied down to an office all of the time. Sometimes that can mean the freedom to just take a trip back home to see their family, or travelling to a friend’s wedding in an exotic land. Other times it’s the ability to travel the world as a lifestyle. Remote workers can take their work with them anywhere and work from the road, opening up the world that little bit more while using less personal or vacation time. 

It’s Healthier

No rush hour commute. No quick, fast food lunch as you’re tied to your desk. No missed family and friends as you’re burning the midnight oil at the office. With a little practice, and a supportive company culture working remotely makes it easier to practice good physical and mental health. We get to spend more time with our loved ones and doing the things that we enjoy. We can cook for ourselves, ensuring a healthy diet without spending a fortune every day at that cool, healthy salad bar opposite the office. It’s also so much easier to go for that lunchtime run, or an extra-long walk with the dog if you work from home.

While these benefits are clearly a huge plus for employees, they also bring clear advantages for employers. Beyond saving costs on office space, the benefits of embracing and supporting remote work are clear:

Increased Productivity

Without distractions, long commutes, and all the stress those entail, employees can bring their best to work every day. Their minds are clearer for rational thinking and creativity, and they are less likely to drop something. Much of the historical concerns over remote work and maintaining productivity can be put down to a lack of trust -- “How can I see what they are doing?” However, we don’t believe in employing people we feel we need to watch. Starting from a position of mutual trust has paid off for us countless times.

Remote Work

Opening up Worldwide Talent

By setting up our work structure and tools for remote work, we have opened our doors to so many more bright colleagues than would have been possible if we were limited to a single office location. We also find it easier to retain employees when their life circumstances change, whether that means moving, changes in family commitments, or anything that requires long-term flexibility in their work.

Many companies are either limited to attracting talent within the cities in which they have offices or rely on attracting people to these cities from outside. Neither options are perfect and narrow prospective candidates a lot. By being open to remote work we get a double win. Firstly our talent pool becomes global immediately. Combine this with the fact that many candidates are attracted by remote working possibilities, and we have a powerful recruitment tool too.

Remote working helps us be the company we want to be for our employees. It improves their wellbeing and happiness and increases our potential to grow by finding and keeping great employees around the globe. If the right tools, people, mindset, and level of trust are in place, then it can work well for employees and employers alike.

If you’re interested in joining a company with our philosophy to remote work, then check out our careers page

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