Welcome to the team, Lisa Steinkamp

Born in Tuttlingen, Germany, Lisa went to boarding school in Stuttgart to follow her athletic dreams, then attended Texas A&M University. Now in Zürich, Lisa is a project manager and creative thinker with a hands-on mentality. With her Master’s degree in Creative Communication and Brand Management and her background in Social Media and Search Engine Marketing, she can’t wait to contribute her expertise to the Amazee team and face off with some new challenges. 

Lisa became interested in strategy and the ability to measure impact online after becoming a copywriter and dipping a toe in the creative agency life at Jung von Matt. She earned her Master’s Degree in Creative Communication and Brand Management, then she started her professional career at Jack Wolfskin, where she was responsible for its Social Media Channels. Lisa continued this work with Smart, but eventually took over the responsibility of rolling out their new website, where she discovered her passion for agile projects and website management, as well as Drupal. Starting off with an idea, translating that idea into a strategy, then creating a whole new, fresh experience out of it – that’s her passion. And that’s exactly why she found a home at Amazee.

She’s a creative and solution-oriented person, who always considers job-related problems as both challenges and opportunities. She likes to get things done and enjoys bringing people together.

While working, she likes the combination of very focused timeslots mixed with casual breaks in-between. In addition to getting things done, she considers it to be a great workday if she contributed something to the joint team’s success or found a solution to a problem the team was facing (and that doesn’t mean she had to find that idea on her own). And of course: If she learned something new!

Coming from a huge employer, Lisa was used to long decision paths. When she finally got a glimpse of agile working during a new website launch – she loved it! She loves fast and competent decisions, trial and error, as well as working together in a team – all the things she already experienced with Amazee from a client’s perspective. 

She enjoys making her body feel as tired as her head does after work. So she enjoys pretty much every sport, except swimming. She always enjoys learning how to play new sports and she can’t wait to take a ski touring course and experience the Swiss alps from a whole other angle. She always enjoys a good read or drawing and recently she fell in love with lettering.

Lisa can’t wait to be a part of the team and she’s excited to learn more about development and Drupal.

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