DrupalCon Amsterdam - our training line up

DrupalCon Amsterdam - our training line up


First things first, Drupal 8 is about to be ready soon so it is about time to get up to speed and prepare for it. We get you Drupal 8 ready! Come along and train with DianaMichael and Bastian. Sign up for the training here.


But wait, there is more! Bastian will show you how to deploy your sites with Drush in the DevOps track. You can find the summary of what's going to be covered in the session here.

You might also want to add Michael and Josef's session about Drupal 8 Contrib Module Update.


Even more Drupal 8 is coming with our Business Showcase, where we share the experiences that we made when we relaunched our own website on Drupal 8 Alpha.

Did you know that Switzerland has four official languages? Originating from Switzerland we have quite a bit of experience in handling multilingual sites. For this reason, Dagmar and Urs will share our expertise in their session about building a multilingual, multi-domain site (bonus: a representative of our client will be on stage too).


Come along and chat with Josef about the #d8rules initiative in his BoF session.


Tell us about your neat tips and tricks for Drupal at the Drupal Lightning Talks which will be moderated by Michael.

And of course most of our team will attend sprints the weekend before and after DrupalCon Amsterdam. See you there!


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