DrupalCamp London 2018 - Keeping it Cool

Something that the organisers couldn’t control was the fact that the whole of the UK was facing the biggest freeze in recent years. This meant that trains and buses were canceled. Schools, shops, and roads were also closed. As you can imagine, getting from Birmingham to London wasn’t an easy task, but I was on a mission and decided to venture into the elements (as I wasn’t able to either teleport nor fly there - see below!)

Snow and train warnings

To make a long story short, plan A and B failed due to multiple cancellations so I opted for no-plan at all - just do and keep doing until I got there. What would usually be a two-hour relaxing journey became a nearly six-hour bumpy, cold, and wet quest through the elements... but guess what? I made it to London!

London King Cross

But why did I want to get there so badly? Going to the DrupalCamp was reason enough but additionally, I was selected to do three different talks at the camp. I was really excited about the opportunity and wouldn't miss it for the world!

My three talks were completely different:

The slides are linked above and the videos will soon be available on the Camp YouTube channel.

I am happy with how the talks went. People were engaged and participative - I even missed lunch one day as I was answering questions for more than 40 minutes after the talk. But most importantly I think they made a difference to the people who attended. I’m glad that one way or another I could give something back to the Drupal community. A special thanks goes out to Joe Shindelar for his little push in Vienna :-)

The rest of the sessions were great too. We had amazing speakers, inspiring talks, live demos, in-depth discussions and a unique atmosphere over the whole weekend. I met people from France, Italy, Iceland, Finland, Spain and many other parts of the UK, which was great. I loved listening to their stories and knowing how people work and use Drupal too. I also realised how proud and happy I am to be an Amazee.

Drupal community

The keynotes were especially inspiring, stating once and again Drupal's core values and mission, talking about the community behind Drupal, its importance and the ways in which we can all help improve it. Thanks to Ryan Szrama (Commerce Guys), Chris Teitzel (Lockr) and Baddý Sonja Breidert (1xINTERNET) for sharing your experiences, visions, opinions and for being so close and approachable during the weekend.

And of course thanks, DrupalCamp London (@DrupalCampLDN #dclondon) for organising such a great event. Huge kudos to organizers and volunteers, who were all over the place ensuring that the event was successful and flawless. See you next year!


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