Amazee Labs Christmas Dinner 2018

The Zurich Hub Christmas party was a special occasion, our remotes from all over the world (e.g. Russia, Austria, Romania, Poland, Taiwan, etc.) and Andrew from the Austin team, flew to Zurich to celebrate in style.

The Zurich Hub Christmas party

Everyone received an invitation in November, but this year, we didn’t want to reveal where we were going and what was on the agenda. There were only a few small hints on the invitation.

After handing out the Christmas gifts to everyone (a branded Amazee Raclette oven: Swissness level over 5000) we were ready to take the bus to the secret location. It took us around an hour from Zurich to get there. Even though the weather was not perfect, the mood was simply fantastic and everyone asked themselves: Where are we going?

Some attentive ones meanwhile noticed that we had arrived in the Canton of Schwyz, not just anywhere, but in the famous Muotathal. When we got off the bus, two tour guides were already waiting for us and welcomed us in an unmistakable “Muotathal dialect”. The rain couldn’t stop us; we followed our tour guides, who led us through the Muotathal and told us about the history of the valley.

After walking through mud and meadow we reached a hill with a beautiful view over the whole valley. Up there, our tour guides offered us traditional “Muotathaler wine coffee” (wine mixed with coffee and yes, it's very tasty - even the gourmets among us had to admit that). After everyone was warmed from the wine coffee, the tour guides pressed glowing torches into our hands and told us, that we had to follow them to get to our final destination. The light dimmed and the view of the team with the torches in their hands, embracing each other and hiking through the rainy valley, simply looked magical.

After about twenty minutes we reached a beautiful location, decorated with many Christmas lights. Some Amazee’s could already hear some noises: “Did I just hear a howling wolf?” Well, almost.


We followed our tour guides for a little while and stood in front of a stable where the howling didn't stop. We were at a sanctuary for Huskies!


The team members eyes were shiny and we could hardly wait to meet the Huskies and pet them! When he let us into the enclosure, the Huskies howled uninterruptedly to greet us. It was a wonderful experience to get to know the animals, pet them, take photos and share this beautiful experience with the team. When the tour guide told us that there were four little babies born two weeks ago, our hearts melted completely.

By that time both huskies and humans were hungry.  We went to a campfire, where we could eat snake bread, salmon and pizza bread. We toasted with wine to a magical evening in the valley, surrounded by huskies, winter air and the Amazee family.


Afterwards, we went to the homely decorated stable. The buffet looked simply mouthwatering. What shouldn't be missing when you celebrate a Christmas party in Switzerland? Exactly: cheese. That's why we went for a table BBQ with raclette cheese, various salads and side dishes such as fries, rice, and assorted sauces.

We filled our bellies, laughed together, drank Alex’s homemade Russian vodka, took photos, said goodbye to long-time team members, welcomed the new ones. Above all, we enjoyed the time together and strengthened the team spirit in a magical night full of surprises.

Zurich Christmas Dinner 2018

The ultimate highlight of the evening: Gesche’s got engaged. Congratulations!

Dezember 6, 2018

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