Release 2.3 Workflowazee

After we had released the new Website for our Agency Amazee Labs last week, we used the weekend to relax from the night work and finished the work on our newest release, called Workflowazee.

This release started with some hard Usability and Workflow testing with different people. During the process, we realized that some workflows of are not at all perfect. So we put our heads together and figured out some nice workflows and features, which should help you to work better with our platform.

Here's a short roundup:

- For all our future users we created a registration wizard, where the user can easily enter his important informations and we recommend them his friends which are already on the platform. With this she gets an easier start into the Amazee world;
- After we did a new fancy user edit section, we realized in the UX tests that it is too fancy for most of our users. So we decided to remove the fanciness and implemented it anew with well known sequences;
- Another new feature is the "Admin backend" of groups. Because we added a lot of new features especially for the Admin of a group, we tried to integrate these features into the existing interface. We realized, however, that there were too much possibilities which confused a lot of Admins. So we implemented a totally new "Admin backend", which gives the Admin a place to manage his group. This backend allows to change group settings, administer users, send mass messages and administer invitations. In the future, we will add more features to this backend, like group statistics, for example. If you have a requirement for this backend, don't suggest them!
- The Web is going to be faster, so we decided to make a typeahead search for our Amazee platform. This means you don't need to press enter after you entered a search term in the search field, you just need to wait a millisecond or two and you get your search results right there. You can then select your desired item with our mouse or even with the keyboard keys. If you need more search results you can still access them, via the link in the bottom of the search result listing.
- We had some issues with the Facebook Connect Module, we are really sorry for all the inconveniences with Facebook Connect. Now we have implemented the Facebook Connect with the new API of Facebook, and with this all issues should be resolved.

As in all other releases, there are plenty of different small changes in the backend of our Drupal framework, which you would not recognize, but give you a better experience.

We hope that you like our new release, if you find a bug or have a question, don't hesitate to send us a mail to!



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