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The importance of strategy in design - Part 1 of 3

Design strategy is a concept that means different things to different people, including designers and clients. We all have our own visual languages or conceptual models, which means that we all experience the world differently in what we see, hear and interact with. We need to understand that we are all part of design strategy, albeit in different roles.  

Februar 21, 2019
Tish Amos

Variable Fonts

As both a frontend developer and a designer I get a lot of opportunities to see the connection between designs and how they work. While working on designs, I already have an idea about how they could be implemented. Modern design tools integrate these things by showing code snippets and previews to further integrate the processes. Having experience in both helps me with my work and I’m grateful to work with experts on both sides.

November 21, 2018

UX and Design Integration

When speaking about User Experience (UX) in the digital space, we normally refer to the creation of online products or spaces that give a user a more relevant and meaningful experience.

Yes, a design is meant to look beautiful and to generate emotion, but good UX design makes a project pertinent and useful. Think about it as forming a valuable relationship with your user who will grow to trust a brand they can easily engage with.

August 23, 2018
Tish Amos

Rotary International: UX & Design Workflow

Rotary International recently unveiled its new online donation form, used by tens of thousands of people each year to donate to the charity. But calling the finished product a form is like calling the royal wedding an elopement. Amazee Labs Austin partnered with Rotary and RaiseNow to deliver what can only be described as a dynamic online giving application—sweeping, yet nimble, and easy to use.

Juli 24, 2018

Web Design Trends: What to expect in 2018 - Part 2

Hello again. After my last post, we started looking into some additional inspiring design trends, but this time I've approached things a bit differently, by focusing more on User Experience. Yes, it’s awesome arriving at a website filled with animation, vibrant colour, bold typography and beautiful graphics; but what about functionality? After all, a website has to serve a purpose. Whether a brand wants a user to click a button, fill in a form or read an article, a good design can take them there, it has potential to engage the user, and can gently guide them to the ultimate conversion.

März 12, 2018
Tish Amos